What sets us apart from other agencies??

  • Sector Experience & Market Knowledge
  • Senior Consultants – hands on approach
  • Results Focused
  • Value for Money

We are totally committed to supporting our clients to the very best of our abilities and dedicated to making a substantial difference to their market penetration and achievement of commercial objectives.

The services we provide to clients include:

  • Public and Media Relations - Integris can ensure you communicate effectively with stakeholders in a language they understand
  • Web Site Design - For most businesses, a website is the most important investment it will make. We can help you with the whole process, from design to ensuring you get noticed.
  • Digital Marketing - It is vital today to take advantage of the exploding digital marketplace so you can engage with stakeholders via platforms they understand.
  • Copy Writing - Writing effective, innovative, copy that will communicate key messages to stakeholders is an essential marketing tool for all organisations today
  • Social Media - The sheer power, reach and constant evolvement of social media platforms means it is essential for all sizes of company to have an effective social media strategy in place
  • Analyst Relations - It is vital your company is in a position not just to influence the media, but also your clients and investors. This will enable you to build strong relationships with the people who have the potential to be your strongest advocates
  • Design - Creative, innovative, design can have a real impact on how you communicate with key stakeholders
  • Branding - How do your stakeholders view your company? Successful branding can lead to increased sales and company growth
  • Advertising - Effective and targeted advertising is a key marketing communication tool which, if done correctly, can persuade stakeholders to invest
  • Direct Mail - This can be a powerful marketing tool which enables organisations to communicate directly to customers.

Through alliances with trusted partners we can provide everything a client needs – all from a single point of contact.