Digital PR & Marketing

A Digital PR & Marketing Strategy is essential for any business that wants to engage with its target audience online.  Integris can work with you to integrate a strategy into your existing marketing plans, including conent creation, goal setting, market segmentation and customer profiling.  We can then help you to convert your strategy into tactics and boost your social media engagement through creative content and targeted campaigns. 

Our digital services cover a range of services that can integrate effectively with an editorial publishing calendar.

  • Social Media Training - Bespoke training in social media to cover platform management, content creation and social strategy.
  • Social Media Management – Plan an effective strategy for managing social media accounts and engaging with your target audiences with creative regular content.
  • Social Media Advertising – Targeted social media advertising through the main channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.
  • Photography / Videography – Regular visits from a photographer or videographer to capture key moments for your business from promotional videos to short, quirky videos for your social media pages.
  • Google AdWords – Targeted advertising campaigns based on the keywords and phrases associated with your business, focusing on the search and display networks with Google.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Optimising pages for SEO to ensure you are getting found for the key searches on Google in your area.
  • App development - Bespoke apps based on your branding and website, including geofencing and loyalty schemes.
  • Web Design – Engaging websites to draw your customers in and encourage enquiries or sales in an ecommerce store.
  • Graphic Design – From logos to promotional marketing materials, branding is important to create the right impression with customers.
  • Blogging - Blogs are great for SEO and to keep your customers engaged with your website. They help with repeat business and brand awareness.
  • Influencer Outreach – There are many influencers out there speaking direct to their fans and followers every day. We can contact them on your behalf and make arrangements for promotional campaigns and mentions on their social media accounts.

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