COVID-19 Support

The current circumstances are very difficult for everybody, and ultimately the safety and welfare of all of us must come first. However, businesses need to keep moving forward, now is not the time to stand still. Nothing is going to be the same again - so don't pretend it is going to be. Your stakeholders need to know that you are still here, and want to know about your plans for the future. Communication has never been so important.

Every business knows it needs to increase its marketing and communications at this time - however, when money is tight, and uncertainty hangs over all of us, it may seem like a time to pause and 'see what happens'. 

To help our fellow businesses in these hard times we have various Coivid-19 offers available, including digital marketing and PR training explaining the basics on how to get your company noticed by the press and online.  We will be happy to share with you some of the key tactics you can use to communicate effectively with your target audience, and help you build an outline marketing and PR plan for the months ahead.

If this sounds of interest plese get in touch today.