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Cost-Effective Targeted PR Will Get Results


PR sceptics look away … as the power of others talking about how good your business or product is will always be a key component to growth.


I hear people saying it's all about social media these days, and while social media is becoming increasingly important in conversing with stakeholders this has actually made PR even stronger.


A well written article in a newspaper or magazine is now not only read by its readership, but is shared many times by the publication's network, the readership’s network and by the network of the organisation the article is about. Meaning the power of a good article has increased tenfold… and you simply do not get this with advertising.




I’ll admit there is still a place for well positioned adverts to help brand awareness, but simply throwing money at advertising doesn't work unless it is backed up. At best most people will glance at an advert, no matter how eye-catching it is. Here’s a tip, the next time you pay for an advert demand a free piece of editorial as well - as you are always better to have someone else shouting about how good you are! Publications are usually very accommodating when you are throwing money at them.


“Here’s a tip, the next time you pay for an advert demand a free piece of editorial as well.”


The cost of a good PR campaign is also a topic which is highly debated, as it's very difficult to gauge immediate results. A good, targeted PR campaign will increase brand awareness, give a company or individual a higher profile, increase discussion and ultimately drive more numbers to the front door. This is proven, but it won’t happen overnight. 


At Integris we realise this and are always up for a discussion with clients over costs, and we are also happy to put our money where our mouth is. We know at the end of the day its all about results.


Craft Design House finds a growing market for unique, affordable artworks

Craft Design House is a newly-launched online marketplace showcasing the work of artists and artisans, with prices ranging from £12 to £12,000. It has been designed for customers and businesses that are after something out-of-the-ordinary, an original or limited edition, but not costing the earth.

The business was recently featured in the Daily Express in an excellent article by Maisha Frost where she discussed the new business and its goals for the future with owner and founder Gillian Scott.

You can read the article here:

See below an example of what is available - Jo Pudelko Peripheral Necklace and Radial Earrings:

Copy of Jo Pudelko Peripheral 2 Neckalce and Radial Earrings 2


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