Scotland’s record for creating ultra-successful entrepreneurs is second to none

As a country Scotland punches above its weight on many fronts. In particular, there can be no doubt that our ‘wee’ country excels in making extremely successful entrepreneurs.

Scotland may be a small nation of just over 5 million people, but the creation of new companies has grown more strongly than the rest of the UK, on last count it had grown by over 7%. Official figures show there were 366,000 private businesses in Scotland at the end of last year, a figure that’s increased by more than half when compared to the year 2000. Scotland’s thriving start-up community can be put down to a number of reasons, including proximity to other founders, access to talent, and a network of active investors.

“More Scots than ever are looking to start or grow their own business, and why shouldn’t they be, as the hot bed of talent up here shines as brightly as anywhere else in the UK if not the world,” explains Ceri Rogers, event director of the New Start Scotland Exhibition.

“This is very much our message in the build up toNew Start Scotland and the Scottish Business Exhibitionthis year; budding entrepreneurs need to be brave and go for it as they have all the support, networks, and talent at their disposal to make a real success out of it. The Scottish business sector is jammed full of recent success stories, such as Skyscanner or Brewdog, so people do not have to look far to feel inspired.”

For 17 years, New Start Scotland has helped ten's of thousands of people turn their dream business into a reality. It enables like-minded entrepreneurs to network with thousands of other business owners from around Scotland, and get access to top quality advice from experts in a diverse range of seminars and workshops on everything from sales and marketing to raising finance.

The Scottish Business Exhibition will also be taking place alongside New Start Scotland at the SEC this November, this is the country's leading event for Scottish corporate, mid-market and large SMEs.

Rogers adds: “As Scotland’s leading business exhibition there are obviously lots of good reasons to come along, the main one being it gives people the opportunity to  develop key new business skills and grow their network by talking to peers, getting advice and even finding new clients…. and of course you could win £5000.”

New Start Scotland and the Scottish Business Exhibition takes place on the 21st & 22nd November 2018 at the SEC in Glasgow, from 10am - 4pm daily.

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OPTISELLER’s new barcode tech protects online retailers from FAKES

The Daily Express's Maisha Frost recently spoke with Craig MacCallum from Developing IT about its flagship product Optiseller. 


The Stirling-based SME has joined forces with GS1UK, the world’s largest trusted source of product data, to produce an automatic check for sellers, so they and their customers know their inventory is genuine. 

Problems that could also occur as a consequence of fakes posing as real, such as conflicting details and prices, poor search rankings and product discovery especially on marketplaces, are likewise prevented.  

By tackling the unique identifiers within the billions of goods manufactured every year known as Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), the service aims to smash a large part of the world’s annual counterfeit trade worth around £460bn. 

Now it’s part of Developing IT’s flagship product Optiseller, a suite of sales and analytical tools for online businesses of all sizes.

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Scottish Success For Franchise Week

Scottish Franchise Week 2018 was a great success, with Integris again playing an important role in generating lots of positive PR - including interviews with STV and BBC, plus articles in the Herald, Scotsman and many local titles and websites. We are already looking forward to 2019!!!




Scottish Franchise Week 2018 has been hailed as a huge success, as yet again the UK franchise community descended on Glasgow last week to inspire and celebrate franchise success.


The highlight of the week was the business breakfast, where over 200 delegates gathered at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. Keynote speaker Iain MacRitchie inspired the audience with his journey from being a very successful entrepreneur to setting up a charity to help disadvantaged children achieve their goals in life. For the past five years Iain has devoted himself to MCR Pathways which has placed a network of volunteer mentors into Scottish schools to help youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds to discover their talents.


The programme of events also included the launch of Franchise Opportunities which gave those new to the industry the chance to meet leading franchise companies and get expert advice under one roof. Visitors from across Scotland gathered to find out more about specific brands looking to expand in the region and to attend a series of seminars on all aspects of franchising.


Pip Wilkins, chief executive of the British Franchise Association, commented: “Scottish Franchise Week has been a huge success, providing the perfect mix of inspiration, business insight and good fun. Listening to Iain MacRitchie was truly inspirational, not only is he a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur, but he has used his skills and experience to establish a charity which helps disadvantaged youngsters get a better start in life.”


Wilkins added: “We were very happy with the response to the new Franchise Opportunities event, it was a great introduction to franchising for many budding franchisors and franchisees. For anyone looking to either start their own business, or grow an already successful business, franchising is a proven model which works.”


Suzie McCafferty, managing director of Platinum Wave, a leading independent franchise consultancy said: “As a main sponsor of Scottish Franchise Week and the Franchise Opportunities event we were delighted with the response from the Scottish public.  It was great to see that people are interested in finding out more about the benefits of franchising as a route to becoming your own boss. The business breakfast was very well attended as were the information sessions led by experts in all aspects of franchising which shows there is an appetite for more information and education in this sector.”


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Integris Communications teams up with Special Olympics Scotland to promote 40th anniversary games

We are delgihted to announce that Integris has teamed up with Special Olympics Scotland to help promote its 40th Anniversary Games taking place at Stirling University campus from 09-13 August 2018.

special o

The Anniversary Games will celebrate both Special Olympics GB's 40th birthday and also the 50th birthday of the worldwide Special Olympics global movement set up in 1968. The games are expected to welcome over 1,000 athletes, 400 coaches plus officials and attract over 6,000 spectators from across the UK and Europe. Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organisation for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and was founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver and is recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

The games are focused on health, well-being, education and social inclusion. Events will include boccia, badminton, cycling, football, golf, table tennis, low ability swimming, and low ability athletics. There will also be a special ‘Play Unified’ event, where athletes with and without a learning (intellectual)disability will play and compete together. The opening ceremony for the Anniversary Games will take place at Forthbank Stadium, Stirling, on 09 August 2018.

Mike Reynolds, managing director of Integris, explains: “We are delighted to help Special Olympics Scotland in any way we can. It is such a worthy and inspirational cause; what Yvonne Hay and Laura Smith (Games Directors) and their team have achieved to plan and organise the 40TH Anniversary Games is hugely impressive and hopefully it is going to be a big success.”

Reynolds adds: “There is still lots to be done, and other businesses can get involved whether that’s through sponsorship or volunteering their services like us. I can promise people when they see the smiles on the athletes faces come August all the hard work will be worth it.”

Yvonne Hay, Special Olympics Games Director, adds: “This Olympic style event will celebrate the culture of joy, fun and wellbeing which can be achieved through sport. We are obviously very thankful to Integris, and to all the other contributing organisations, who give up their time free of charge to help such a worthy cause.”

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Franchising - a look at candidate quality

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