Scotland’s record for creating ultra-successful entrepreneurs is second to none

As a country Scotland punches above its weight on many fronts. In particular, there can be no doubt that our ‘wee’ country excels in making extremely successful entrepreneurs.

Scotland may be a small nation of just over 5 million people, but the creation of new companies has grown more strongly than the rest of the UK, on last count it had grown by over 7%. Official figures show there were 366,000 private businesses in Scotland at the end of last year, a figure that’s increased by more than half when compared to the year 2000. Scotland’s thriving start-up community can be put down to a number of reasons, including proximity to other founders, access to talent, and a network of active investors.

“More Scots than ever are looking to start or grow their own business, and why shouldn’t they be, as the hot bed of talent up here shines as brightly as anywhere else in the UK if not the world,” explains Ceri Rogers, event director of the New Start Scotland Exhibition.

“This is very much our message in the build up toNew Start Scotland and the Scottish Business Exhibitionthis year; budding entrepreneurs need to be brave and go for it as they have all the support, networks, and talent at their disposal to make a real success out of it. The Scottish business sector is jammed full of recent success stories, such as Skyscanner or Brewdog, so people do not have to look far to feel inspired.”

For 17 years, New Start Scotland has helped ten's of thousands of people turn their dream business into a reality. It enables like-minded entrepreneurs to network with thousands of other business owners from around Scotland, and get access to top quality advice from experts in a diverse range of seminars and workshops on everything from sales and marketing to raising finance.

The Scottish Business Exhibition will also be taking place alongside New Start Scotland at the SEC this November, this is the country's leading event for Scottish corporate, mid-market and large SMEs.

Rogers adds: “As Scotland’s leading business exhibition there are obviously lots of good reasons to come along, the main one being it gives people the opportunity to  develop key new business skills and grow their network by talking to peers, getting advice and even finding new clients…. and of course you could win £5000.”

New Start Scotland and the Scottish Business Exhibition takes place on the 21st & 22nd November 2018 at the SEC in Glasgow, from 10am - 4pm daily.

For more information on how to exhibit, or to register for a free ticket, visit