OPTISELLER’s new barcode tech protects online retailers from FAKES

The Daily Express's Maisha Frost recently spoke with Craig MacCallum from Developing IT about its flagship product Optiseller. 


The Stirling-based SME has joined forces with GS1UK, the world’s largest trusted source of product data, to produce an automatic check for sellers, so they and their customers know their inventory is genuine. 

Problems that could also occur as a consequence of fakes posing as real, such as conflicting details and prices, poor search rankings and product discovery especially on marketplaces, are likewise prevented.  

By tackling the unique identifiers within the billions of goods manufactured every year known as Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), the service aims to smash a large part of the world’s annual counterfeit trade worth around £460bn. 

Now it’s part of Developing IT’s flagship product Optiseller, a suite of sales and analytical tools for online businesses of all sizes.

Read the full article here: https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/970454/online-retailer-technology-protects-against-counterfeits