How to connect with customers

Speaking to Forbes, Premanjali Gupta, Head of Marketing & PR, Asia Pacific at Blis predicts that live marketing will play an important role for engaging with high-value customers:

“I expect an increased focus on high touch, experiential marketing for high net worth customers,” she said. “It’s all about telling stories, creating unique personalised experiences and making a real connection with our customers.” 

How we pivoted production to tackle Covid-19

Russell Overend, managing director of WideBlue, a Glasgow-based medical device design specialist - recently wrote a comment piece for The Scotsman explaining how it has pivoted production to tackle Covid-19. 

"Like with all businesses, and life in general, Covid-19 has changed the medical device sector. In general, we are seeing many of our customers switch development of existing products towards solutions to combat Covid or adapt to the new "normal". The Corona pandemic has opened up a new strand of business for us that has more than offset reduced activity in other product design areas...."

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Wide Blue - Daily Express Interview

Wide Blue - a Glasgow based product developement business specilasing in the medical sector - recently spoke to Maisha Frost from the Daily Express about its cutting edge medical product developments including one of its latest products which i set to tranafrom the lives of patients with breathing difficulties caused by conditions such as asthma and chronically blocked lungs. 

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It has never been more important to let people know you are still here!!!

64% of UK business decision makers see marketing and PR as crucial in the months ahead - put simply this is where post-lockdown budget needs to be spent as it is vital to let people know you are still here!

The next few months are going to be a vital time for all businesses, as we not only battle to reconnect with pre-lockdown audiences, but also look to attract new stakeholders with differing needs and values. The business world has changed, so don't hide from this change, it's time to embrace it and show people what you are doing. 

In the digital age PR is often misunderstood, gone are the days of just sending out press releases and talking to journalists. Today, PR is vital for managing your company profile, enhancing your reputation and having a real impact on business objectives. If you make a list of everything you are trying to achieve as a company, every point can be linked (and enhanced) by targeted positive PR. People need to know you are there, people need to know what you are doing, and trust needs to be rebuilt.

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Optiseller logo
eBay has signed an agreement with leading e-commerce software developer Optiseller, which is head-quartered in Stirling, to offer a free on-line tool to identify missing item specifics to sellers throughout the world. 
From 15 October eBay is requiring additional item specifics to be added in four product categories; home, furniture and DIY, clothing, shoes and accessories, jewellery and watches, toys and games.  To do this manually can be very time consuming for retailers, so to combat this eBay is offering the Optiseller tool free of charge to help sellers comply with the new rules.
Optiseller's Aspect Finder tool will automatically scan a user’s entire inventory, highlight the missing specifics and provide a report on what additional information is required to comply.  Users can use this report to update their listings directly on eBay or in bulk through their listing tool.
Since being introduced in November 2018 the Aspect Finder tool has now processed over 67 million listings across the globe; assisting around 5,000 sellers from 26 countries.
Craig McCallum, CEO, Optiseller said: “We are delighted that eBay has agreed to offer our Aspect Finder tool free of charge to all sellers.  The tool will not only enable sellers to easily comply with eBay’s new rules, but also optimised item specifics is proven to increase traffic and generate more leads and sales.”
He adds: “The Aspect Finder tool automates the whole sale process for users by conducting an audit of listings; identifying where the gaps are and helping to correct them.  It is a win-win for everyone; retailers should see an uplift in sales as well as knowing they are complying with eBay’s listing rules
To access the free tool please visit: